The Finest in Luxury Condos are Now for Sale in Jomtien BeachPrice from 3.29 million

Grand Florida Price from
3.29 million




The Grand Florida Pattaya is where luxury and adventure combine in a truly unforgettable setting. Picture yourself living in opulent surroundings beside one of the most coveted addresses in Thailand: Jomtien Beach. Our luxury condo in Jomtien is a skillful blend of art, design and function. Every detail of our five-star project has been thoughtfully considered and executed to the highest possible standard.

Experience the incomparable sensation of beachfront living in your private residence, replete with designer furniture and fixtures. Our bespoke property features twenty-one inspirational facility zones, seven buildings and two clubhouses. Step inside our doors and step away from the hustle and bustle of the world beyond. For the best in beachfront living, look no further than the Grand Florida Pattaya.



Walk through your private garden; enjoy coffee in the clubhouse; sit beneath a waterfall; view the ocean from your balcony; soak in a hydrotherapy pool; dine under the stars; stroll along the beach… all this and more awaits you at the Grand Florida Beachfront Condo Resort Pattaya, where magic and mastery combine in the most luxurious and sought-after residence in Thailand.

Delight yourself, your family and your friends by purchasing a luxury condo in Pattaya. You will never regret owning a piece of this high-end development that is already creating quite a buzz in the real estate sector for its impeccable quality and unique Florida aesthetic. Here the beach will become your new home. Come live a tranquil life, energised by the wonders of nature all around you.



A grand lifestyle is one filled with endless days of summer; suffice with plenty of sun, surf, sky and sand. From private beach access to multiple swimming pools, lounges, a fitness room, games room, coworking space and spa, that’s precisely what you get at our beachfront condo in Pattaya. Here, your tropical, grand lifestyle will be one of ease and leisure – a luxury lifestyle of beauty, convenience and indulgence.

The Grand Florida provides easy access to global ports of call, namely U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Life is easy with the new Eastern Seaboard motorway close at hand, making a quick jaunt to Bangkok, Pattaya or Hua Hin a breeze. Enjoy the good life with outings to nearby yacht clubs, cafe, bars and restaurants.


Enjoy a truly relaxing time while being energised by a vibrant lifestyle at Grand Florida, a luxury condo beside Jomtien Beach. Here you will find a plethora of incredible on-site facilities: from a cosy Co-working Space to Game Rooms, with a wide selection of entertainment for both children and adults, such as a Playstation 4, basketball arcade, air hockey table, and ball pit for children. You will also be delighted by our Clubhouse, offering residents large swimming pools, a fitness room, jogging track, boxing studio, restuarant and club lounge, serving snacks and drinks throughout the day.


Grand Florida is a brand new beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya, located on Soi Najomtien 14 beside Na Jomtien Beach. Enjoying easy access to Pattaya's famous attractions - Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Underwater World, Pattaya Floating Market and Cartoon Network Amazon Theme Park - Grand Florida is the most coveted beachfront condominium in the district. Grand Florida offers residents and leisure seekers an ideal home base in Pattaya.

Masterplan Grand Florida Pattaya
build a : 1st floor
build a : 2nd floor
build a : 3rd floor
build a : 4th floor
build a : 5th floor
build a : 6th floor
build a : 7th floor
build b : 1st floor
build b : 2nd floor
build b : 3rd floor
build b : 4th floor
build b : 5th floor
build b : 6th floor
build b : 7th floor
build c : 1st floor
build c : 2nd floor
build c : 3rd floor
build c : 4th floor
build c : 5th floor
build c : 6th floor
build c : 7th floor
build d : 1st floor
build d : 2nd floor
build d : 3rd floor
build d : 4th floor
build d : 5th floor
build d : 6th floor
build d : 7th floor
build e : 1st floor
build e : 2nd floor
build e : 3rd floor
build e : 4th floor
build e : 5th floor
build e : 6th floor
build e : 7th floor
build f : 1st floor
build f : 2nd floor
build f : 3rd floor
build f : 4th floor
build f : 5th floor
build f : 6th floor
build f : 7th floor
build g : 1st floor
build g : 2nd floor
build g : 3rd floor
build g : 4th floor
build g : 5th floor
build g : 6th floor
build g : 7th floor
build h : 3rd floor
build h : 4th floor
build h : 5th floor
build h : 6th floor
build h : 7th floor
type s type s
24.00 sq.m.
type a type a
36.00 sq.m.
type a corner type a corner
39.00 sq.m.
type a with pool type a with pool
55.00 sq.m.
type a pool access type a pool access
53.00 sq.m.
type a corner pool access type a corner pool access
57.00 sq.m.
type a pool villa type a pool villa
68.00 sq.m.
type a corner pool villa type a corner pool villa
72.00 sq.m.
type a private pool extra 1 type a private pool extra 1
46.00 sq.m.
type a extra 2 type a extra 2
47.00 sq.m.
type a combine type a combine
72.00 sq.m.
type a+ type a+
42.00 sq.m.
type a+ corner type a+ corner
45.00 sq.m.
type a+ pool access type a+ pool access
60.00 sq.m.
type a+ pool access 2 type a+ pool access 2
64.00 sq.m.
type b type b
98.00 sq.m.
type b with private pool type b with private pool
138.00 sq.m.
type c type c
64.00 sq.m.
type c duplex type c duplex
116.00 sq.m.
type-d type-d
59.00 sq.m.
type e type e
93.00 sq.m.